Sunday, May 27, 2012

So You Think You Can Sew?

Wow, a fresh, clean blog slate!  I have been thinking of starting a blog for my sewing-crafty-creative outlet for some time now.  For a long time, that has seemed a lovely but unattainable goal--I barely get time to update the two other blogs I've had for some time now.  But it's gotten much easier to blog from a phone now, so it seems like it might be time to try this one out.

I am a mama to a lovely 19 month old girl, a wife, and a CRNA, which is a nurse anesthetist.  I work full-time as a CRNA, and of course am a full-time mama, too.  In between, I sew--quilts, clothes, things that solve problems for me, mend, upcycle, whatever.  I also occasionally knit, frequently garden, and sometimes exercise.  I read crafty-mommy blogs whenever I can, pin to my Pinterest boards obsessively, and hoard ideas for making daily life more creative, fun and beautiful.

I don't know if I will get around to making tutorials, but I can at least post photos of the stuff I have made.  And there will be a generous helping of life on life's terms in here, too. Thanks for reading.

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