Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sidetracked: Chicken Apron

So there's this yard sale coming in two weeks. It's not just our yard sale, it's our whole neighborhood, and I've been planning on participating for most of the last year. It's in two weeks, like I said, so yesterday I was researching how to have a yard sale successfully (having never done one before) and somehow this led me to thinking that I need to make an apron to hold my change. Don't ask how. Anyway, this being Portland, it's only fitting that it be a vintage style apron. Besides, there is nothing modern about aprons.

So, tonight I was supposed to watch the Game of Thrones finale and go to bed, but instead of going to bed I made this apron. And now, instead of sleep, I am blogging it.


Anyway, this involved a print from Modern Whimsy, no, two prints, and my ruffler foot in its maiden voyage. Rickrack and pockets, and chickens. One of these times I'll explain how I made it. But here are some quick tips: first, let the ruffler do its job, don't try to control the fabric too much. My ruffles are best at the end because I finally figured that out. (of course I could have taken out the stitching and resewed it, but no. ) second, when placing pockets, use a spray of quilt basting spray to keep them in place. I used a couple pins as well, but the spray really helps when getting the placement right so they don't slide out of position before you can pin. That has happened so many times to me.

I haven't had a half apron before now because they didn't seem useful for cooking. I only recently started using one at all, and that's just when I bake. But now that I made this, I can see that it will be good when I'm washing dishes, or having dinner with my daughter(which tends to be a full-contact sport a lot of times) or just to have pockets for my phone when I don't otherwise have pockets at home. (like my pjs).

Anyway, it was a quick project and I'm off to bed. Good night.

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